Croatian Post Mostar’s “Express mail” delivered by a drone

The pilot – project of delivering “Express mail” by a multirotor aircraft was demonstrated by Croatian Post Mostar within the SPARK Multirotor Challenge – drone race. In the project that Croatian Post Mostar had developed with Spark business park, Ivan Sušac, the executive director for marketing and development of Croatian Post Mostar, had initiated the aircraft by tablet device at the drone race. The aircraft with “Express mail” cargo had flown and followed a programmed flying route. By arriving at the destination the multirotor aircraft released the “Express mail” package that landed at the anticipated spot, and the aircraft returned to its beginning start. This pilot-project was made with the goal to promote the new service of “Express mail” that was recently launched by Croatian Post Mostar.

The service “Express mail” is available on the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is based on the infrastructure of three postal operators with delivery the time limit of 24 hours in all B&H cities. This service is fully available from October 1rst 2016. Croatian Post Mostar by investing in the development of new services and products aims to create preconditions for future development and retain positive business trends accomplished in the last year.

Statement: Mate Rupčić, president of the Board, Croatian Post Mostar

Croatian Post Mostar endeavors to follow developing logistic trends and we are planning on developing a service of “Express mail” by using the most modern technological  accomplishments  like „drone delivery“ in the future. We are certain that together with SPARK we have initiated an idea that will bring new quality and promptitude in the future for our most demanding customers. The fact that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is  enough technological knowledge and desire to present these kinds of possibilities gives us hope that on our domestic market an excellent service can be created. This is only the first step!

Statement: Ivan Sušac, member of the Board, executive director for marketing and development, Croatian Post Mostar

We have seen the demonstration of our „Express mail“package delivered by a programmed route, and at an exact location. We consider this an important step in developing package delivery technology by a multirotor aircraft. This method surely represents the future and Croatian Post Mostar along with our partner SPARK business park will continue to develop and perfect these kinds of projects.

Statement: Andrea Čordaš, director of SPARK business Park Company

I am delighted about the first „Express mail“ package delivery by drone that we have achieved with our partner Croatian Post Mostar. We at SPARK are drone fans: we represent DJI drones, develop prototypes of delivery drones, as well as software solutions for automatic video security. With Croatian Post Mostar we have much more to discuss and believe that our partnership will only strengthen.