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On-line request for sending packages

On-line request for sending Express mail by which it is possible to request collection of the package at the sender's address and calculate the price of sending the package.

On-line request for sending packages abroad

On-line request for sending Express mail abroad by which it is possible to request collection of the package at the sender's address and calculate the price of sending the package.

Receiving package

On-line request for changing the address of delivery by which it is possible to request delivery to a certain address, delivery at a certain time and delivery to a post office.


Find us

Find the nearest post office from which Express mail could be sent or request Express mail to be delivered to that post office.

Track & trace

Find out where your package is through our web service for tracking and tracing packages.


Calculate the price of sending Express mail.

Customer service

We are at your service every work day from 7:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 8:00 to 13:00 for all your questions, remarks, suggestions and approvals. Send us an enquiry or contact us at 1323.

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Long experience in delivery of shipment.
The well-known name of Croatian post Mostar guarantees service quality.
Knowing the market and following consumer habits.
Infrastructure that can respond to all user requirements.
News from HP Mostar

Youngsters and mBot robots are conquering B&H

Croatian Post Mostar's CEO Mate Rupčić and Andrea Čordaš, CEO of SPARK business park, have signed an agreement of business collaboration today in Mostar that will last during the SPARKreators League project. The project will be conducted in collaboration with 362 elementary schools on the territory of the whole B&H, with the aim of promoting contemporary so-called STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Learning through recreation Pupils of all schools during the project will, in the school year of 2017. / 2018., become acquainted with robotics, automatics and programming in showing even more motivation for learning and team work. Croatian Post Mostar and SPARK, in frames of this project, have created very interesting activities. One of them is a contest in which children in a problem task will deliver parcels with the mBot robots. The SPARK company has donated the mBot robots to all schools. Prior to the donation, SPARK showed the teachers how to technically handle the robots. Learning through recreation, pupils will acquire various modern knowledge form the robotics world which will they will then be able to show in future contests. Socially responsible project for education of B&H young people It is important to emphasize that during our SPARKreators League project, all the robots will be sent to the addresses of 352 elementary schools and they will be delivered by Croatian Post Mostar’s Express mail. This will ensure efficiency and timely implementation of the SPARKreators League project. Through a joint preparation of various tasks during this project, Croatian Post Mostar wishes to once again show its firm socially responsible commitment, especially in the segment of enhancing education of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Statement: Croatian Post Mostar's CEO – Mate Rupčić We have recognized the potential of the SPARKreators League project, with the aim to prepare school children for future professions. We want to be a socially responsible company and our constant goal is to support projects that promote learning and adopting new technological knowledge. Statement: Spark’s CEO, Andrea Čordaš I would like to express my appreciation to the President of the board for the support given towards SPARKreators League. Education is the fundament of development of every community, and the reason for this is its irreplaceable role in forming the way we think. Through the SPARKkreators project, which significance was recognized by Croatian Post Mostar, we wish to enable to the youngest ones the possibility to acquire abilities to think critically and achieve knowledge in the STEM area. We hope to open the path towards development of B&H in the STEM destination.


Express mail

Express mail is a service that includes taking over Express mail items at an address that is determined by the sender or is submitted in the post office. The service is attended for natural and legal persons that send or receive packages or any kind of mail items. Along with Express mail we also offer special / additional services: return of documentation, repurchase amount – cash on delivery, recipient pays postage fees, other standard services (mail with return receipt, personally to the recipient and other) All “Express mail” items are possible to track by our web service for tracking mail items. Express mail is Croatian Post Mostar's quick, reliable, and flexible service and this is guaranteed by experience, high quality infrastructure, expanded distribution network and following the latest trends that enables Express mail to fulfill all market demands when mail item delivery is in question.


Croatian Post Mostar at the International fair of Economy Mostar

Croatian Post Mostar at the International fair of Economy Mostar in 2017 presented its Express mail services and all the advantages that come along. Visiters of the fair, along with business partners, had a chance to get better acquainted with Express mail services that offer sending and receiving mail in all parts of B&H in 24 hour time limit.

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