Aditional services

Additional services

Express mail is a service that includes taking over Express mail items at an address that is determined by the sender or is submitted in the post office.

The service is attended for natural and legal persons that send or receive packages or any kind of mail items.

Along with Express mail we also offer special / additional services:

Return of documentation – signing / certifying documentation upon delivery, from the recipient and returning it to the sender

Redemption amount – upon parcel delivery, a redemption amount is charged from the recipient and the same is returned to the sender.

Checking the content of the redemption parcel – upon delivery, it is possible to visually check the content of the parcel, without trying on clothing fragments, turning on devices and similar

Recipient pays postage fees – upon delivery the postage fee is paid by the recipient

PREMIUM service with a delivery deadline guarantee. In case the deadline is not respected we pay a fixed amount of 250 BAM. Information on the Express mail deadlines may be seen at the following link.

Return receipt – sending a return receipt with an Express mail item and returning the return receipt to the sender, as evidence that the mail item was delivered.

To the recipient in person – the mail item is delivered exclusively to the recipient that is indicated on the address label.

Separated – separated handling and an increased attention upon transferring and delivering the mail item.