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Packaging mail items implies placing the content of your mail item in a corresponding package (envelope, package, packaging box, chest and similar), in order to prevent or impair its content. Packaging must suit the content and form of the mail item, size, weight and value of the mail item, and conditions and length of journey in which the mail item is transferred.
Croatian Post Mostar, for documents and goods that are of smaller size, has ensured its customers free of charge plastic bags intended for transferring "Express mail" items.
A special feature of this bag is that after it has been sealed, it cannot be opened without visible damage and in this way shows the sender / recipient visible evidence that the mail item has not been tampered with.
The plastic bags are made in two sizes: VBP - M 250x320+40 mm i VBP - L 330x420+40 mm with a transparent pocket for accompanying documentation. Plastic bags for express mail are intended for transferring „Express mail“ items in which an adequate packed content is placed.

We also offer packaging boxes. Suitable packaging boxes completely protect your parcels and ensure delivery to their destinations undamaged. Packaging boxes can be found in ten various sizes: